You probably have heard about the congestion problems of many cities as direct results of car users. In some cities, this is a real issue. They do not have enough space for more cars and wrongly think they should create the needed space to accommodate them. This clearly does not work.
One can suggest how about letting less number of cars come to our streets. They have done that in many cities across the world and it has worked. We all know there are better solutions for the congestion problems and park space requirements. For example, we know a Toronto’s subway train replaces 900 cars. We also know each car occupies a space for at least 9 bicycles.
We already have two good solutions: improving the public transport infrastructures so people can use them. It should be cheaper and faster to get around a city by public transport rather than driving a car, otherwise it will not work.

Have you heard active modes like cycling and walking are better choices for your health and your well-being? The exciting news is bikes pollute the environment less and are good choices for humans’ health; they can actually be faster in reaching destinations. Some European cities for instance in Netherland are very advanced in using bikes. They have designed their transport infrastructure based on that. They no longer need to destroy their urban spaces and historical buildings to widen the streets for more cars. This gives them the choice to keep their historical cities alive, active, healthy and happy. People will feel safe to come out and spend time with their families in urban spaces; they do not worry about having an accident by a car.


Some people may say they don’t like bicycles or they are not comfortable riding one. They may argue they have a hard time keeping the bike balanced. Well, there are some options. How about using a tricycle, you don’t have to worry about the balance anymore. Have you checked tricycles for adults? They also call them trikes. Have a look at some of the different designs.

Or maybe you fancy one like this? Pretty comfortable and keeps your stomach muscles working

You do not feel like sitting, you like to stand and see the city from a higher level. How about trying a long board stroller?

Or a smart ped scooter designed by flykly which has electric assistant system to go farther

You want it to be a bike but not exactly a bicycle, a little bit classier? How about a halfbike?

Or an Orbis Scooter? Is it more exciting? You can pack it and take it with you. Nicely designed, so colourful!

You don’t want to move your legs at all and willing to pay for it? Have you seen the American product Dekdo?

Or the Canadian version called Hoverboard?

Every day new inventions are being tested to add safety and provide more environmentally friendly transport modes to inhabitants. Toyota began testing Compact Winglet Personal Mobility Robot in Japan. Watch its video in the link to see how it works.

You judge! Which urban experience is more exciting, using one of the aforementioned modes of public transport while going through different urban spaces and you can decide where and when to stop and have a rest or maybe you prefer to sit in a car driving (being driven) in a motorway packed with cars with pollution and noise till you get to a point where you are allowed to stop?!

With all these advancements in public transports and in personal urban transport vehicles, do we seriously think about destroying our current spaces to widen the streets and create new high-speed roads for cars (I am now talking to some city councils and municipalities with this approach)?! That is easiest solutions, the cheapest, the fastest and surely the worst! Clearly not sustainable and economical in the long run!

Who can defend historical cities? Just intelligent residents of the 21st century who think about their health, their well-being, the future of their cities can promote sustainable approaches in order to have resilient cities.

What do you think? Which one do you like more?

If you are aware of other modes of transport and would like to share, please write it in the comment box below. It would be great if you add a link of your source.

Thank you